Learn How to Play against M. Bison’s EX Devil’s Reverse in This Street Fighter V Tutorial

By on February 15, 2017 at 3:00 pm

One of the more annoying moves in Street Fighter V Season 2 is M. Bison’s Devil’s Reverse. The move is already deceptive enough, but when you add in that it’s +13 on block, there is hardly a risk in throwing it out. Should a Bison player commit to the reverse early, then it is easy to counter. However, they can commit to it late, messing up your timing and leaving you open to getting hit by the move.

But Kim1234 has decided to show up some of the secrets to the move: despite being a M. Bison main, he has explained how to combat the move in various ways, including most characters’ typical anti-airs. But one of the best techniques he shares is to dash under the move. This not only disallows him the frame advantage on block, but also forces him to waste meter!

Source: The Jump-In

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