Capcom Shows Off Footage of “The Way of the Hado” Mode for Ultra Street Fighter II

By on February 15, 2017 at 11:30 am
Way of the Hadou

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers has been confirmed to have a first person mode, and Capcom has now shown off this mode in action on the latest episode of CapcomTV. Named “The Way of the Hado,” this mode is more like a rail shooter than a fighting game, with players throwing fireballs and Shoryukens at incoming Shadaloo soldiers.

Taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s JoyCons, players can actually throw a Hadouken by doing the famous pose while having a JoyCon in each hand. By aiming at portions of the screen, you can chuck plasma in different directions and even throw a Metsu Hadouken once the Super bar at the bottom of the screen has filled. If enemies get too close, you can also perform a Shoryuken by throwing your fist into the air.

The mode reuses assets from Street Fighter IV, but the motion controls are unfortunately looking a bit iffy. While maybe a bit of fun for a few minutes, “The Way of the Hado” has the look of a novelty to play once and then forget about, at this point.

You can watch the footage in the video below (and do note that the audio somehow desyncs during this segment, so don’t worry about your computer being on the blink).

Source: CapcomChannel

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