Nature Will Rise Against You as Swamp Thing Joins Injustice 2

By on February 13, 2017 at 9:35 am
Swamp Thing

Rising from the mire to protect his habitat, Swamp Thing has joined the Injustice 2 roster. Using plant life and clones of himself, Swamp Thing commands nature to fight for him in order to defeat his enemies. Great at mid range, Swamp Thing excels at grabbing opponents out of the sky with twisting vines, then smacking them into the ground with tons of force. These command grabs remind me a hell of a lot of Kan-Ra’s bandage throws from Killer Instinct, as Swamp Thing flings his opponents through the air. He can sprout trees out of his back to stop any opponents trying to jump in on him, and can summon logs to kick towards incoming enemies.

Swamp Thing takes some elements from Noob Saibot too, summoning clones to lay the smack down on anyone that tries to meddle with nature. His super is especially brutal, dragging his opponents into the depths of the earth and beating the ever-loving tar out of them with giant fists of plant matter. He can even disappear into the swamp, with his crouch having the bottom half of his body submerged within water.

Swamp Thing also comes with a new stage, with heroes and villains battling it out in the bayou that the big green guardian protects. The huge alligator hanging in the background is a great touch and with NetherRealm’s love of Easter eggs, I’d love to see Reptile occasionally sneaking around the swamp in the background.

You can check out this not-so jolly green giant giving Robin a harsh lesson about environmental conservation in the video below, courtesy of IGN.

Source: IGN

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