Liked Bushido Blade? Make Chop Suey Out of Foes in “Slice Dice & Rice”

By on February 13, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Ever thought that health bars in fighting games just aren’t… realistic? Fans of Divekick will surely appreciate this philosophy, but older players–who were active in the PSOne era–might feel some nostalgia stir up.

Slice Dice & Rice recently surfaced on Steam Greenlight. The stylized, dark aesthetic conveys the main mechanic of the game: quick and decisive duels that can end in one strike. Those who played Bushido Blade won’t be surprised that the classic SquareSoft fighting game is what exactly inspired the two-man team behind the project, Dojo Games.

“I played Bushido Blade a ton in the PSX era,” Marek Ziarko, game designer and programmer on the team, told SRK. “That’s where the inspiration came from, but the idea was also to see how indie fighting games can fare, and whether it’s possible to stir things up among 2D fighters.”

The Steam Greenlight page currently displays seven characters, though eight are planned. There’s a diverse selection of fighters with different weights and weapon types, from katanas, to fans, and a scythe. Across six stages, the cast will duke it out in Story, Versus, and Training Mode.

Slice Dice & Rice will offer a more approachable gameplay style where the player doesn’t have to memorize a command list. Rather, the game has a system of feints, and blows can interact in a variety of ways, with clashes and parries. There’s also dodging and air movement.

Refer to the Slice Dice & Rice Steam Greenlight page for more information, and view the trailer below to witness the bloody action.

Source: Steam Greenlight

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