Huge Pokkén Announcement Confirms Season 2 World Championship Series, New Patch for Arcades

By on February 12, 2017 at 9:00 am
Pokken Tournament

At the conclusion of the NicoNico stream for Tokaigi’s 2017 2on2 Tournament, Pokkén Tournament producer Masaaki Hoshino made two bombshell announcements.

The first was a video treat showing off the latest patch for Pokkén Arcade, highlighting a wide variety of changes. Briefly from the video, there was some wild new stuff: Machamp roll cancel 2X, Blaziken Divekick followup to Field Phase j.Y, Rotating Latios Beams, and more. As soon as a official video is made publicly available by Namco, we will update it here. Patch notes were shown and have now been translated by pentaoku, with version 1.5 scheduled for February 14th, 2017.

The more surprising announcement, however, was the announcement of the Pokkén World Championship Series 2017.

Outside of the the final championship itself being held in Anaheim, CA, details are currently scant. Even what version of the game WCS 2017 intends to be on is currently a mystery. It would seem particularly cruel to announce a World Series for the Japan-only arcade game, after all. Perhaps there’s another announcement in the near future for Pokkén fans around the world?

Sources: Tokaigi Stream; pentaoku; Pokkén Official

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