BlazBlue: Central Fiction Clash Videos Ignite the Soul to Rebel

By on February 7, 2017 at 9:00 am
Ragna BlazBlue

Clash Art videos are the lesser-known cousins of combo videos. Combo videos are known for not always being that practical, as they often focus more on style. If going all-out to look as flashy as possible is your thing, you’re going to love clash videos.

An actual hit rarely ever lands in a clash video. Rather, both characters cancel into consecutive blows by utilizing the clash mechanic from Arc System Works, often ending in a Distortion Drive or entering Overdrive. There’s a lot to appreciate–not only is it difficult to time this between two characters (or a recording in Training Mode), but it also takes talent to come up with the “choreography.”

The two videos from NicoNico below showcase the latest installment in the BlazBlue fighting game series, Central Fiction. The focus is on mimicking the story component from the game’s arcade mode, which was divided into Acts. Check out the incredible action provided by Hazamatsu. As Hazamatsu is teasing a video trilogy, more is likely to come in the future.

Source: NicoNico

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