Mad Catz to Release Tekken 7 Arcade Fight Stick: Tournament Edition 2+

By on February 2, 2017 at 11:00 am

It seems that HORI isn’t the only company releasing an arcade stick for Tekken 7. Mad Catz has also announced that they are collaborating with Bandai Namco for their own take on a Tekken 7 arcade stick.

Mad Catz’s Tekken 7 offering is based on their Tournament Edition 2 Arcade Fight Stick–now Tournament Edition 2+. This means that it will contain the same features as the Street Fighter V original such as the touch pad, opening top panel, foam padding, Sanwa parts, and easily swappable top panel art. That said, players might not make use of the latter–since the Tekken 7 TE2+ variants from Mad Catz will feature some amazing art on their own.

Both variants of the Mad Catz Arcade Fight Stick Tournament Edition 2+ feature¬†slick, hand-drawn character art. The red version focuses on series antagonist Heihachi Mishima, with the rest of his dysfunctional family on the side. The white version, on the other hand, has Tekken 7 boss (and Heihachi’s estranged wife) Kazumi Mishima, with Heihachi off to the side instead.

Mad Catz is still mum on details–such as when it’ll come out, and how much it will cost. That said, those interested can register over on Mad Catz’s official site for these. In the meantime, check out some of these images of these sticks.

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Source: Mad Catz

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