Undecided? Read the Arguments for Which Player’s Choice Title Deserves Your Vote for Evo 2017

By on January 30, 2017 at 10:00 am

SRK writing team members will each play advocate for one of the potential games!

As Mr. Wizard first announced and later elaborated a bit upon: the ninth main game for Evo 2017 is to be determined by a player vote-in, through donations to Make-a-Wish International via Generosity.com. Nine games: some from prior Evo events, some never before having a chance to appear there–and all are excellent games in their own right. The winning title not only fills out the roster, but gets a $10,000 prize pot bonus and will open the Sunday finals at Mandalay Bay’s arena.

As a charity drive, every vote counts toward a good cause (and you can vote for more than one!), but if you’re wondering which game(s) to support: starting today, Shoryuken will run one new feature per day, in which one of our writers will argue the merits of one of these titles on this list. So keep your eye out for these editorials–and remember that the voting closes at 12:00 PM PST on February 8!

Check out the editorials (and other related posts) written to date here.

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