Catch Up on Kombo Klash Japan with These Replays, Courtesy of Ultra Arcade

By on January 30, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Kombo Klash Japan

Back on January 21st, the Japanese Killer Instinct community came together to compete for spots at the Killer Instinct World Cup with Kombo Klash Japan. For those who aren’t aware, Killer Instinct has a small but intensely passionate Japanese scene, lead by the dedicated OGTY and full of top players like the US ex-pat CAT DRUGS, lab fiend Domi, Riptor specialist Tomosama and Omen master Osomatsu among others. While the community is nowhere near as large as your Guilty Gears or Street Fighters in Japan, the Japanese KI scene is devoted to the game and will do anything to see it thrive.

Acting as the honorary US envoys, as well as streaming the event in English, Ultra Arcade’s Brandon Alexander and Kenneth “Bass” Armas traveled to Kombo Klash to help and compete within the tournament, helping to test the mettle of their Japanese compatriots. After all was said and done, the USA reigned supreme as Bass took first place after a close Grand Finals set with Osomatsu. The Japanese definitely gave Bass a run for his money, with Domi’s Kilgore and General RAAM forcing the American to switch off Spinal and use Mira in tournament.

As Bass has already qualified for KIWC, Osomatsu and Ret have earned places in that 32-man bracket, adding some additional international flavor to the tournament. They join threats from Europe and Canada who will also be attending the Killer Instinct World Cup, being held at the Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas from March 10-12.

Bass has uploaded all of his matches to his YouTube channel and they can be found in the playlist below. If you want to watch the whole of Kombo Klash Japan, check out Ultra Arcade’s VOD from the event, also found below.

Sources: Ultra Arcade; XiBassiX

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