Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2: Baiken & Answer Movelists and Patch Notes from the First Location Test

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The gates to the first weekend location test for Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 have opened, and a ton of information is pouring out from the players. Thankfully, Arc System Works published an official patch note list, alongside move lists for every character. Not only are we able to read the move lists for Baiken and Answer–the new characters–and see a couple of new moves for other candidates, but we also can see detailed notes individual cast member changes.

answerenglishmovelist baikenenglishmovelist
What’s notable for Baiken is her new counter move, doable out of blockstun or on its own and in the air. Currently, it’s inputted the same way as Blitz Shield, so the Blitz input for her is different: P+HS or K+HS. She has a new Overdrive out of the counter move. Suzuran–the running block–allows her to cancel into other moves. The Baiken Discord is actively compiling specific Baiken information as it becomes available, usually through tweets from Japanese players.

In Answer’s case, throwing a business card on the ground lets him move to them or launch a clone. He also leaves scrolls: 214 and any button set two scrolls somewhere on the screen, which give Answer a lot of utility. When he gets close enough, he’ll cling to them, and then he can do a counter attack, teleport to them with sliding attacks, do a downward kick, jump forward, do a charging move, or another counter. Here’s the compiled Answer move list by Pssych.

This image shows where the scrolls get positioned:

Here are the official patch notes translated by the community. KEEP IN MIND: these changes aren’t final. They are subject to change.


Roman Cancels

  • Time until Purple Roman Cancel comes out has been decreased.
  • Input buffer during RC has been enlarged.

Ground and Air Blitz Shield

  • Ground and Air Blitz Shield is now possible to cancel into from normals.

Charged Blitz Attack

  • In case of charged blitz attack being canceled into, forced proration will be applied.
  • The first usage in a combo functions like normal. Afterwards, the wallstick property is removed, and replaced with a normal blowback effect which has decreased untech time.

Danger Time

  • At start of Danger Time, both players gain an amount of tension.


  • Various visual effects have been modified, such as alternate camera angles on attacks hitting.


  • 5K startup slower.
  • 6H does not knockdown on normal grounded hit. Normal hit effect.
  • Wild Throw does not come out if a 7/8/9 input is included in the command.
  • Gun Flame Feint is now affected by dash momentum.
  • Dragon Install Gun Flame is now affected by dash momentum.
  • Dragon Install Ground Viper: the flames caused by Sol’s travel will always knock the opponent toward Sol.


  • 6HS changed to a new move.
  • If 5D is YRC’d before the hitbox manifests, the attack will still appear as a mid projectile.
  • The Stun Edge projectile no longer fluctuates in size as it travels.


  • 6P retains upper body invincibility while charging.
  • May recovers airborne after Overhead Kiss.
  • Window for canceling Dolphin Ride into normal has been increased.


  • jH changed to a new move.
  • Input reception buffer on roll follow-ups increased.
  • Digitalis startup faster, untech time increased.
  • pin motion and untech time changed.
  • H pin added, motion is j214H.
  • Bad Moon gains additional properties when done above a certain height.
  • Secret garden hitbox appears later.
  • Chroming Roses disappear on hit.


  • jD CH made to only wall-stick at stage corner, CH untech time shortened.
  • Invite Hell proximity guard range reduced.
  • Shadow Gallery first hit knocks back lower, second hit wall bounces.
  • Shadow Gallery creates a puddle on startup.
  • Break the Law creates a puddle.
  • Shadow Puddle (summon > HS) creates a puddle.
  • Great White is now possible without Eddie having to be summoned, knockback direction changed.


  • Crouching animation changed, hitbox lowered.
  • Crouching guard animation changed, hitbox lowered.
  • Air throw untech time increased.
  • Heat Knuckle attack priority increased, knocks back higher.
  • FDB (flick) can now be held down and released as a charge version. For the charged version, releasing the button will create a hitbox that reflects both projectiles AND attacks.
  • Trishula input has been changed to 214K.


  • Wall cling cancel from special move occurs automatically if button is held after the special move input.
  • Opponent flies farther after Shinkirou CH.
  • Shinkirou now receives dash momentum.
  • Ground alpha now receives dash momentum.
  • Alpha plus ch effect changed to ground tumble.
  • Shuriken damage increased NINEFOLD (ed. note — this means it went from doing 1 damage to 9)


  • Hitting enemy projectiles with the bat reflects them, not as themselves but as a unique projectile (Faust turns the enemy projectile into a baseball).
  • Some of Faust’s items now have jackpot effects. (ed. note — they have a chance to turn into a much better item.)


  • 5P and 5H have bigger cancel windows.
  • Aerial version of 6K and 2S.
  • If Sparrowhawk Stance attack is blocked, can’t cancel into another.
  • Major changes to Sparrowhawk’s startup, hitboxes, and hurtboxes.
  • If Axl doesn’t attack for a while in stance, Sparrowhawk becomes unblockable.


  • Stinger Aim will backspin balls if 2 is held after the command. Otherwise, it will topspin.
  • Carcass Raid will backspin balls if 4 is held after the command. Otherwise, it will topspin.
  • Red Hail faster, arc changed.
  • 2HS is completely new.


  • Changed the timing of when 2S’s hitbox changes. Hitbox improved during active frames.
  • The next special move performed for a certain time after landing command grab will always be a counter hit.


  • Angled hoverdash (3 during hoverdash) moves on a different angle.
  • fS can be YRC’d and the hitbox of the chord will still manifest.
  • 6H(2) has a vacuum effect on air hit.
  • 5D can be YRC’d and the hitbox of the sound will still manifest. This projectile will not be an overhead.
  • jH is no longer CH state recovery.
  • Sterilization Method no longer has a throw hitbox behind Ino.


  • Forward dash counter window shortened, overall duration also shortened. Speed increased.
  • Hurtbox during the later frames of backdash increased.
  • Crouching guard hurtbox size decreased.
  • 2H and 3H now cause a normal hit effect on ground normal hit (no more float. 1H is not mentioned.)
  • 6H replaced with a new move.
  • jP hurtbox increased.
  • Follow up is possible after RCing air grab.
  • Deja Vu can be activated in the air.


  • Martelli – New move. Command is 236S while S sword is equipped.
  • Forpelli – New move. Command is 236H while H sword is equipped. Can be done as a followup to Martelli.


  • Decreased backdash invulnerability.
  • No jump cancel on 6P but increased untech time.
  • You can regain more calorie gauge from eating by mashing HS.
  • Leap can now be canceled into specials while rising.


  • Defense modifier slightly increased (she takes more damage).
  • 5H can be special canceled even during its followups.
  • 5H follow ups have had their attack level lowered, no knockdown.
  • jS hitbox reduced.
  • jH hitbox increased.
  • Shotgun H (uncharged) causes more pushback.
  • Rifle must be charged longer to become unblockable.


  • 6P upper body invulerability has been removed.
  • 6P now has mid armor (unclear if this is super armor in the style of Potemkin’s Hammerfall, or guard point).
  • All gatling routes to 6P save from 5P and 2P removed.
  • Blowback effect on hit greatly increased.
  • Increased hurtbox on 5HS.


  • Mist Finer during Baccus Sigh does some guaranteed damage even if FD’d (previously was all chip damage), also no pushback if blocked.
  • Zweihander’s attack level has been reduced.


  • Level 1/2 servants can be killed in one hit.
  • Explosion cooldown reduced.
  • Servants are invincible during explosion countdown.


  • Parry can now cancel into P follow up immediately.
  • Not inputting 6 before the input will make it come out at the normal timing.
  • Hyapposhinshou blowback effect stronger.
  • Renhoukyaku (puffball Overdrive) has increased throw invulnerability.


  • 6P is no longer jump cancelable.
  • 236HS now has a different number of hits based on excitement.
  • 236S has a different startup based on excitement level.


  • 623K4 now has a more lenient input time; you can now slightly delay the 4 input and still get that version.
  • More blowback on 236K4 hit.


  • Hurtboxes on various normals have been decreased in size.
  • j.P and j.K now gatling into j.D.
  • 2S now floats on ground counterhit.
  • 2S sends opponents at a different angle on air hit.
  • Bubbles will now bounce off the boundaries of the stage.
  • 236S and 236H will not go off screen.
  • 421S and 421H have changed hitstop.
  • 421S and 421H have a larger hitbox.
  • 421S now rises faster after startup.
  • 421H has a higher attack level for the second spear.
  • Air S and H fish hitboxes come out faster.
  • D fish will now also track the opponent vertically when performing the follow-up attack.
  • Bugfix where Burst Imperial Ray did not always properly give burst meter.

Remember to treat this akin to a “PTR”–a Public Test Realm, like Blizzard does for its games–that allows the company to gather feedback and see how the changes go. It’s very likely that there will be a second one… and often, some of the changes get reverted to their original state.

Big, big thanks to the community members who got on translating the changes for the characters: Bears, Brett, breadsticks!, Fahadouken, and Pssych, with edits by Silva.

As usual, stay tuned to SRK as more information about the latest happenings in Guilty Gear come up!

To read about the changes yourself, here are the official REV 2 Character Move Lists and the REV 2 Patch Notes. For some screenshots of Baiken and Answer, check out our coverage of the latest Famitsu issue.

Sources: Translated Document: Bears, Brett, breadsticks!, Fahadouken, and Pssych@GREATFERNMAN; @d2ftaxi; Arc System Works; English Move List images uploaded by @Shinjin and @Baf0

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