Stay a While and Listen to UltraChenTV’s History of the Fighting Game Community

By on January 14, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Before streaming, Twitch, Twitter, and Discord, and similar tools, the fighting game community relied more on grassroots organization and word of mouth. Whether you remember a time when VHS tapes were still in fashion or not, James Chen has made a few podcast-style shows that talk about the past of the fighting game scene.

UltraChenTV’s mini-series, “History of East Coast vs. West Coast,” talks about the roots of rivalry between the two regions. Chen’s blast from the past brings up how the scene was first figuring out how to get match footage to share with others, how Battle by the Bay brought out some NorCal and SoCal competition, and how the two ends of the country started to meet up to battle. He also goes over some old footage, and analyzes the different styles from both regions. Echo Fox|Justin Wong and Alex Valle also joined in the chat.

View the first video below for a little storytelling time, and the UltraChenTV playlist has all three segments.

Source: UltraChenTV

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