BEST_KOREA Is Street Fighter V’s Best Online Player? More Like Best Hacker, Actually [UPDATED]

By on January 13, 2017 at 11:00 am
STREET FIGHTER V_20170112221237

Another PC user exploits Street Fighter V’s online game to take the top spot.

For those that fight online to secure a hard-earned rank in Street Fighter V, it certainly isn’t encouraging to see the game’s LP system itself, gamed. And while this is hardly the first time a PC-based SFV user has broken the ladder and climbed to the top via cheats or hacks, it isn’t exactly comforting to see it still happening.

The “God-Like” user BEST_KOREA has climbed to over a 10,000 LP lead over Wolfkrone’s #2 spot:

STREET FIGHTER V_20170112221237

A look at their profile starts to indicate that something fishy is going on–as it becomes apparent that there’s a strange discrepancy between the “WIN” indications. The player with the winning marks on the replay display isn’t the winner in the main fight list.

Replays indicate clearly that BEST_KOREA isn’t really playing to win–it doesn’t appear to be a bot, but more like a player just occasionally mashing light kicks, with a parry or taunt thrown in sometimes. They usually lose, but still get that WIN indicator on the list–and lots of LP of course. Generously, the opponent also seems to get LP for their victory, so no harm done there?

A few Twitter users have called out @SFVServer about BEST_KOREA, but as of this writing the user has not been penalized or removed from Capcom Fighters Network. The fact that hacks like this are possible is not surprising, but it is a bigger problem that Capcom isn’t quicker to correct it when it occurs–if they don’t, what meaning do the online rankings even have?

[UPDATE: Netman sent in this amusing footage of HyperX|Daigo Umehara “fighting” BEST_KOREA in Ranked–well, more like combo practice. 3 games, Beast vs. Booster!]

Source: Street Fighter V [in-game], via tip from DJ Ghost Phrat; WuahWuahMan Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.