Evo 2016 Champ Infiltration Doesn’t Like Street Fighter V’s Season 2 Direction? Core-A-Gaming Interview Gets to the Heart of the Problem

By on January 12, 2017 at 9:00 am
SFV Infiltration

Street Fighter V is probably the most heavily-criticized popular fighting game to have ever been released. Everyone–from news sites to fans to top players–have been discussing all the places the game has fallen down, between the shaky launch and the questionable design decisions: things like online problems, rootkits, quality-of-life issues (such as allowing player 2 to continue the match) and input lag, to name the hot topics. Through all of this criticism, many loyal fans are still enjoying the game, and were excited to see how the game would change with the new season.

Unfortunately, some players feel as though Season 2 isn’t being put together for them. SFV Evo 2016 Champion Infiltration sat down with Core-A-Gaming to talk about how he feels about the upcoming season. He starts off by lamenting Capcom’s decision to–in his words– throw away the hard work that people who loved Season 1 have put into the game over the past year, in favor of attracting new players. Infiltration does make it clear, however, that his criticisms of the state of SFV come from a “place of love” for Capcom and Street Fighter.

After getting his general concerns out of the way, he does go more into talking about the Season for what it is. He talks about characters he feels were buffed or nerfed, and also goes into his opinions on the¬†invincible reversal changes, which mirror his opinion on the general direction of Season 2. He talks about a number of topics, like problems he had with the CPT–which he’s discussed before–so be sure to watch the whole interview.

Source: Core-A Gaming

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