VesperArcade Asks if Street Fighter V Needs Another Balance Patch Before the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour Season Begins

By on January 11, 2017 at 10:00 am

With Final Round XX, which takes place March 10-12 in Atlanta, Georgia, announcing that they will officially be a part of the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Season in two months, many within the community are wondering if Street Fighter V needs a second balance patch–following last month’s Season Two update–before the competitive Season begins.

Citing characters like Nash, Ryu, F.A.N.G and even Rainbow Mika receiving a heavy amount of nerfs–while already-powerful characters like Guile and Urien were given a hearty amount of buffs–as possible justification for another round of tweaking, as well as Battle Director Woshigie’s comments to Yahoo! Esports that the Season Two balance changes would not be “What players are expecting,” (which could be seen as a contradictory statement, as Capcom had been promoting that SFV’s balance philosophy would be to focus primarily on buffing weaker characters to the level of the top tiers, as opposed to hitting them with heavy amounts of nerfs to bring them down closer to the middle of the pack). One of the slides at their Evo panel even stated that one of their “Lessons Learned,” was to “Don’t greatly nerf characters, buff the weaker ones instead,” to ensure that there is “large character diversity in each tournament.” Additionally, we have Akuma, as well as the other five yet-to-be-revealed new challengers for Season Two, who will automatically alter the meta and tier lists simply with their presence alone.

While balancing a fighting game is certainly not an easy–or enviable–task, VesperArcade suggests that perhaps Capcom should utilize a public test server (similar to what can be seen in games like Overwatch) to allow players to try out potential changes that Capcom wants to make, and having the opportunity to leave their individual feedback for the development team to take into consideration; as similar to what they did on the Capcom-Unity Forums for the creation of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

“It just looks like Capcom has their own agenda when it comes to balancing, and I think we have some very smart people in our community that can give very valuable feedback and insight on making all the characters fair, and especially, fun. That is the key word: fun,” Vesper said. You can catch his entire video on this topic below.

So what are your thoughts on this hotly-debated topic? Do you feel Capcom should stick to their word of only doing balance patches in-between CPT seasons, and that we need to let everything play out before jumping to conclusions, or do you think there are some balance concerns with the current version of the game that should be addressed before the Pro Tour starts heating up? Feel free to let us know in the Comments below!

Source: VesperArcade

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