Learn Some Useful Laura Tech with These Quick Videos for Season 2 of Street Fighter V

By on January 11, 2017 at 5:00 pm

For Street Fighter V players of all varieties, the changes made in Season 2 still need some time to be adjusted to. The little nuances that comprise match-up knowledge and strategic angles have all been shifted slightly, and the new information can be overwhelming to try and take in all at once.

Taking an abbreviated approach to the season 2 learning journey, YouTuber Rocwell has a few short videos that quickly cover some new Laura tech. The longest of the three clips hovers around a minute and a half, but some valuable information regarding set-ups, hit confirms and resets are covered, with notes and input data on screen to aid comprehension.

If you are a Laura main and you find these quick tips useful, you can subscribe to Rocwell for even more Laura-focused Street Fighter V strategy videos.

Source: Rocwell