The Jump-In Podcasts Starts Off 2017 with Saunic and a Discussion about the State of Laura in Season 2

By on January 10, 2017 at 5:00 pm

A new year, a new series of the Jump-In Podcast. To kick off a year’s worth of FGC discussion, Kim1234 and Logan Sama are joined by French Laura main Saunic to talk mainly about how the elder Matsuda sibling performs in Season 2 of Street Fighter V, among other subjects. Seeing as Wolfkrone just took KiT 2017 with her, there is certainly the potential for this character to do major damage in this season.

Along with talking about the changes to Laura from Season 1 to 2, the group talks about general Season 2 changes, who to look out for in 2017 on the Capcom Pro Tour, who are the potential threats coming out of Saunic’s current home of Hong Kong, as well as a quick discussion of Cooperation Cup and the super-engaged crowd watching 3rd Strike. Let’s hope that the new characters in Season 2 can bring some of that energy to Street Fighter V.

Source: The Jump-In

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