Possible Glitch Allows Characters to Be Invulnerable to Akuma’s Raging Demon for a Few Frames in Street Fighter V

By on January 10, 2017 at 4:00 pm

The Street Fighter series is no stranger to unusual interactions due to weird hitboxes; as such, this new glitch discovered in Street Fighter V should come as no surprise.

In the video below, none other than Echo Fox’s Justin Wong himself demonstrates how, after blocking Nash’s crouching roundhouse sweep, Akuma’s Raging Demon critical art will somehow not connect. Akuma just stands there in his teleport pose in front of Nash.

Exactly why this happens is unknown. The theory is, however, is that Nash is being put into pre-jump frames by the recording. This theory is supported by this video by Tanim Ahmad showing how you can avoid the Raging Demon simply by inputting a jump as soon as Akuma speaks during the pre-critical art animation.

Other folks have theorized that it may simply be due to throw invulnerability, as a number of moves in the game do have throw invulnerability on recovery which in turn affects other moves aside from the Raging Demon.

If either of the above is the case, then this really isn’t a glitch, but rather the game working as intended, but in a way that players may find odd.

Sources: Justin Wong, Obi Sikder via Tanim Ahmad

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