Move Over, El Fuerte! Ramon Dash Cancel Infinite Discovered in The King of Fighters XIV [UPDATED]

By on January 10, 2017 at 2:00 pm

The days of Run-Stop-Fierce in Street Fighter IV may gone, but infinite-wielding luchadores are still running amok! The below dash cancel loop was discovered by KOF player Onimenodacho Rock.  The combo in the video below is by KCOpedro.

Since the recent update to KOFXIV was only a graphical update, the combo should still be possible in version 1.10. The glitch appears to be due to the fact that Ramon’s crouching jab is dash cancel-able, and works from anything that lets him land a jab. Though the video above shows a HD mode cancel, it’s not necessarily required to start your jab onslaught.

[UPDATE: That didn’t take long: Yasuyuki Oda has already promised a fix to Ramon’s infinite (and a new costume this month, too).]

Sources: Kings of CO; KOF WORLD (Facebook for Business)

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