Majorboy Shows of Some More Amazing Ibuki Tech in These Online Matches against Poongko and Yu5ririn in Street Fighter V

By on January 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm

If there’s any player primed to take Ibuki to new heights in Street Fighter V’s second season, it’s Majorboy. We’ve already showcased some amazing play from this amazing player in a previous article. However, it seems that one article isn’t enough to showcase his talent!

In this new video, once again from XusesGB, we see Majorboy taking on Poongko from Team Secret, as well a Yu5ririn. Along the way he showcases some amazing combos and tech, the highlight of which may be a 3-bar V-Trigger combo that he does on Yu5ririn at around 9 minutes and 56 seconds into the video. That said, both Poongko and Yu5riri are no slouches either, themselves showing off some amazing moves with Urien.

Source: XusesGB via r/StreetFighter

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