Guilty Gear Crash Course Concludes: Final Episode Covers Blitz Shield and Attack in Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-

By on January 10, 2017 at 7:00 pm

There’s always something sad about a final episode of anything. It’s a time for reflection and gives a sense of completion to our journey. Today, we witness the completion of one of the most helpful Guilty Gear resources active today, a series that helped many get a better grasp on their fundamentals. The series creator, novriltataki, also put his efforts into Guilty Bits for the pre-Xrd Guilty Gear scene. He had Airdash Academy as another project for general anime fighter mechanics, along with a Killer Instinct Mini Guide, all of which are available in YouTube playlists on his channel.

The final episode in the Guilty Gear Crash Course series covers Blitz mechanics in -REVELATOR-, and only -REVELATOR-. The previous version of Xrd works differently, and the video focuses solely on the latest version. Blitz Shield is essentially a parry that costs meter, one that needs to be used very carefully in order to get its full benefits. Blitz Attack is the same way, but with a slew of other functions to memorize.

And with that, Guilty Gear Crash Course comes to a close. If you’d like to go back and rewatch old episodes–or maybe experience them for the first time–be sure to follow this link to the Crash Course playlist. The end of the video promises a new series starting soon, so we do have more to look forward to.

Source: novriltataki

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