Don’t Get Thrown for a Loop! PugilistPenguin Covers How to Deal with Street Fighter V’s Throws in This Two Minute Tutorial

By on January 10, 2017 at 11:00 am

While his last defensive episode dealt with blocking incoming attacks, PugilistPenguin’s latest Two Minute Tutorial covers how to combat throws in Street Fighter V. This tutorial covers dealing with techable throws, but the lessons about spacing and looking for your opponent’s movement patterns are also helpful for determining when someone is going for a command throw.

Throw teching, tick throws and shimmies are all covered in these informative two minutes, so this is definitely a tutorial to watch if you struggle with constantly being thrown. With tick throws and shimmies, it’s mainly a matter of proving to an opponent that you know what they are doing and making them realize that the option will not work. From there, defending actually becomes that little bit easier, as you’ve mentally shut down one of an option that an opponent may be using to open you up.

Source: PugilistPenguin

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