Relive All the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Hype with the Top 8 Footage from Cooperation Cup 15

By on January 9, 2017 at 11:00 am
cooperation cup top 8

Much of the FGC had their eyes glued to the yearly event that is Cooperation Cup, the highest profile 3rd Strike event of the year. The event featured some of the highest caliber 3rd Strike play you can find anywhere, making it a truly worthwhile event to watch.

YouTube channel Hagaishi TV compiled the Top 8 segment of the tournament, featuring the best 5-man-teams, making a total of 40 different players. With this many high-level players, we get a nice variety of characters and playstyles.

You can also check out the Pre Co-Op Cup exhibition event below, which showcases some equally amazing play. Be sure to soak up all the 3rd Strike play you can, it’ll be another year before you see this type of competition again.

Sources: Hagaishi TV (YouTube)Capcom Fans (YouTube)

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