Final Round 20 Confirmed to Be Part of This Year’s Capcom Pro Tour

By on January 9, 2017 at 10:00 am

With Street Fighter V’s second season now in full swing, many people are looking forward to this year’s Capcom Pro Tour. With last year’s rather confusing qualifying structure, more than a few are wondering at how this year’s tour will be changed up.

Now while no announcement has been made yet regarding this year’s structure, we now know of of at least one major tournament that will be part of it. In a recent tweet, the organizers behind Final Round 20 have confirmed that the event will once again be a part of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Final Round has usually been one the first major tournaments¬†in the Capcom Pro Tour each year–and for the past couple of years, has been the first Premier event. Whether or not it will be the same again this year is yet to be seen.

Final Round 20 takes place on March 10 to 12, at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, GA.

Source: Final Round

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