CLASH Tournaments Uploads Full Stream of Their Latest Project M Weekly: Project CLASH 21

By on January 7, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Active members of the Super Smash Bros. community may recognize CLASH Tournaments for their coverage of major Smash events such as Apex 2014, SKTAR 3 and EGLX 2016, but may not be aware that they host and stream a weekly Project M tournament series known as Project CLASH.  The comradely tournaments takes place in Philadelphia, PA and the series is on it’s 21st iteration.

The stream from Project CLASH 21, which took place this past Thursday, was uploaded in it’s entirety to the official CLASH Tournaments YouTube Channel and hails the participation of high-level players Switch, Chibo, DVD, Woody and others. You can peep the upload below and coverage of every previous Project CLASH is can be viewed in these playlists.

Source: CLASH Tournaments