Warm Up Those Chain Guns with This Kilgore Tech Roundup for Killer Instinct

By on January 6, 2017 at 7:00 pm

With Kilgore’s recent release, dedicated lab monsters have been putting in some serious work with this decaying robot, trying to make the most out of his unique kit. Most are finding Kilgore to be unintuitive at first, as his damage is not fantastic and his Overheat mechanic requires players to adapt quickly to the reduced range of his gun shots and missiles. However, people are persevering and starting to formulate some clever combos and setplays with this robot.

Japanese Killer Instinct player OGTY has collated a series of unbreakable combos, which make heavy use of Kilgore’s juggle potential, as well as using Light Chain Gun Barrage as an OTG to keep the hits going. All of these combos do require Kilgore to be in Overheat, as well as two bars of Shadow meter, so they may not be the most optimal sequences out there.

Rolly2891 has been experimenting with Kilgore’s Missile setups following a hard knockdown, as well as juggles following an Overheat throw.

LeoFerreis has been experimenting into Kilgore’s ability to punish Shadow moves, by using an Exhaust cancel to buffer a Heavy Chain Gun Assault during the freeze frame. While this does result in not being able to start an Overheat combo, you start a short juggle sequence by following up with Light into Shadow Chain Gun Assault, or even a Shadow Metal Ball recapture at higher spin speeds.

If you have any Kilgore tech to share or want to keep up to date with character discoveries, peruse the Kilgore tech and strategy thread over on Ultra-Combo.

Sources: OGTY; Rolly2891; Leo Ferreis; Ultra-Combo

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