VesperArcade Provides Detailed Breakdown and Demonstration of Ryu’s Changes in Street Fighter V Season Two

By on January 6, 2017 at 6:00 pm

With the release of Street Fighter V’s Season Two last month, Akuma, new costumes, and stages were accompanied by a whopping 92 pages of balance changes and character notes that were adjusted within the new patch, as the title saw its first of what is expected to be yearly balance updates as the game ages.

In order to help players further digest and navigate the overall ramifications of these changes safely, VesperArcade has begun a new series where he will cover each of the 22 Season One character’s changelogs individually and in great detail, explaining to viewers exactly how each individual adjustment will impact that fighter’s game, either positively or negatively. He then heads to the Training Room to provide a visual demonstration of some of the new combos and setups each of the World Warrior’s has been newly afforded thanks to these changes. And who better to begin with than the poster boy of the franchise, the Wandering Warrior, Ryu!

After spending time detailing each of his specific adjustments, Vesper provides a final analysis on Ryu’s future prospects in the new Meta. Believing him to be nerfed overall, due to the removal of his throw loops, reduced range on standing light kick, and his general neutral tools being made weaker overall in this new season. However, he also feels that all hope is not completely lost for the character, as his V-Skill, Mind’s Eye, now builds twice as much V-Gauge when successful, meaning he now only requires six successful parries for one bar, and twelve for two, as opposed to needing twelve and a staggering twenty-four parries for a full V-Trigger in Season One; his V-Trigger-cancelable st.HP, that can go into any special or a Critical Art, has greatly improved his combo and damage potential off of simple conversions; his axe kick has become special, Critical Art and V-Trigger-cancelable on both the first and second hits; Solar Plexus Strike is now +8 on hit, allowing for links into his hard normals, as well as it having increased stun on all versions; and his Air Tatsumaki Senpukyaku can now juggle into his Shinku or Denjin Hadoken on hit. In the second video, Vesper demonstrates some of these buffs in action, to give viewers an idea of what he is now capable of in the Heart of Battle. You can catch both videos below.

Vesper has promised to continue this series in the future, making a pair of videos going over each character individually, so let him know which fighter you’d like to see next! For further breakdowns of how each of SFV’s initial fighters has fared in Season Two, check out Bafael’s Rising Up: At A Glance series for ShoryukenTube here, as well as breakdowns from UltraChenTV’s James Chen here.

Source: VesperArcade

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