Bass Chills His Opponents to the Bone with This Frosty Spinal Montage

By on January 6, 2017 at 11:00 am

As his name suggests, Ultra Arcade’s Bass is quite the fan of the Mega Man series. So much so that his latest Spinal montage is all set to the music from Frost Man’s stage from Mega Man 8, adding to the retro flavor of these clips. The editor of this montage, UA|Kalypso, has even added in the special “Jump!” and “Slide!” icons from Frost Man’s stage, to line up with whenever Bass starts a combo with Spinal’s slide or a jump in.

With any Bass compilation, expect some devastating corner combos, extensive use of Spinal’s bouncing Skulls and more than a few mindgames which will send a chill up your spine. If you are looking for something to heat you up, Bass has promised that he will be starting up a special Cinder gauntlet, similar to his previous Spinal gauntlet once he returns from KiT.

Cinder is now apparently the bane of Killer Instinct, due to the recent changes to potential damage, so Bass is calling on all Cinder players to try and best him in a first to ten to prove the character’s power. It might be just the thing to warm us all up in the depth of the January chill.

Source: XiBassiX

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