Killer Instinct’s New Character Kilgore Is Banned at Kumite in Tennessee 2017

By on January 6, 2017 at 1:00 pm

As you may already know, Microsoft’s rebooted Killer Instinct has a brand new character by the name of Kilgore. The petrol-powered robot brings with him a unique chain gun mechanic that changes properties the faster its barrels spin.

That said, for those looking for some high level tournament play with Kilgore, however, it seems that you’ll have to wait awhile. The character has been banned at this weekend’s Kumite in Tennessee, which is the first major tournament outing for Killer Instinct in 2017.

As explained in the tweet above, the character was simply released too close to the tournament. With Kilgore being just a few days old, players have yet to explore the character and learn its matchups.

This kind of temporary ban for newly-released characters is nothing new in the competitive scene. Once some more time has passed and players have familiarized themselves with it, we’ll surely see more of Kilgore in future tournaments.

Source: Kumite in Tennessee

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