Follow Mango’s Path to Genesis 4 in This Hype Trailer for the Smash Supermajor

By on January 6, 2017 at 9:00 am

It’s less than two weeks away and the excitement is palpable. Acting as the event to truly kick off 2017, Genesis 4 is the place where many Smash storylines will gain new chapters, thanks to mass gathering of talent at one tournament. One of the pivotal narratives of Genesis has been the rivalry between C9|Mango and Alliance|Armada, who seem fated to duel in the Grand Finals of each tournament.

The set count currently stands at 2-1 to Armada, with the world number one taking victory at Genesis 3 last year. This year acts as Mango’s chance to draw even, or the place where Armada put this rivalry to rest. With Liquid|Hungrybox somewhat sidelined by a fractured finger, this fated finals is looking ever more likely, if the two contenders perform to their best.

To brief fans on Mango’s history going into this event, videomaker finallyjames has created a potted history of Mango, showing the successes and failures which have lead him to Genesis 4. It makes for a compelling watch, as the GOAT of Melee has remained a fan favorite ever since he burst onto the scene. Keep an eye on finallyjames’ channel in the next week or so, as he may release a companion trailer showing Armada’s journey to Genesis.

Source: finallyjames

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