Arc System Works’ Fighting Game Award 2016 Tournament Is on January 14th, Here’s the Breakdown [UPDATED]

By on January 6, 2017 at 12:00 pm

As we initially reported, the Arc System Works Fighting Game Award 2016 is an event seeking to commemorate the players of the Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- and BlazBlue: Central Fiction. The culmination of this celebration, which included several qualifying tournaments and fan votes, is a double-elimination tournament in eight-player brackets for each respective game.

The final cast of BlazBlue fighters is:

  • Iwashi, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Fenrich, Jin Kisaragi
  • Souji, Arakune
  • Minami, Izanami
  • Itou Sae, Carl Clover
  • Fumi, Nine the Phantom
  • Ryuusei, Carl Clover
  • Yutta, Jin Kisaragi

As for the Guilty Gear combatants, they include:

  • Machabo, Sin Kiske
  • Sabamiso, Bedman
  • GZL|Koichi, I-no
  • FAB, Potemkin
  • Nage, Faust
  • SPIKE, Slayer
  • Omito, Johnny
  • T5M7, Leo Whitefang

The page doesn’t say exactly where the event will be streamed, but somewhere on NicoNico is likely. It will take place on January 14th, but the exact time of the tournament isn’t yet specified. The Japanese Arc System Works Twitter account may announce details as the tournament draws closer.

As Kazuto Sekine, General Battle Director at Arc System Works, stated in an interview with 4gamer, there may be an announcement coming from the company at the event. Whether that could possibly be some kind of program to support the competitive players it is commemorating or teasers for an upcoming version of Guilty Gear Xrd is unknown.

UPDATE: Here’s some information on the official English presentation:

Sources: Arc System Works Official JP Site; All-Aksys!

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