Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike 2007 Combo Art DVD “Shiki” by Logical Illusion Now Viewable Online

By on January 5, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Classic combos for a classic fighter!

The Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike combo DVD “式-Shiki-” by Logical Illusion/Studio L, originally sold back in 2007, has been made available for viewing on YouTube. It’s a huge combo compilation featuring every character in 3rd Strike; arguably, much of this material could still be considered the “high water mark” for a few characters. The video includes a maximum combo hit-count for the entire roster, as optimized as anyone knew back in 2007. The video was uploaded with direct permission from Tosaka of Serial-experiments-T (the main combo creator for this project).’s listed highlights include:

  • SF3:3S Chun Li double Tensei-Ranka at 2:58
  • Remy charge partitioning at 7:09
  • Ryu mid-juggle Hurricane Kick at 13:20
  • Oro freestyle exhibition at 20:25
  • Dudley whiff Corkscrew Blow at 21:50
  • Akuma pushing buttons at 27:41
  • Urien 94-hit record at 36:43
  • Gill being a boss at 37:48

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Here’s the original cover to this 3rd Strike artifact:


Thanks to Maj for the tip!

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