3rd Strike Fans, Don’t Forget to Catch Cooperation Cup This Weekend!

By on January 4, 2017 at 11:00 am
third strike cooperation cup

In case you missed the announcement in October, here’s a friendly reminder! Cooperation Cup, Japan’s premiere Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike team tournament, will be running this weekend. Here’s a link to the Twitch stream where the event will run.

Do not forget that Tokyo’s timezone is GMT+9, so if you’re in the US, you will want to be checking in on Saturday!

Curious to know who will be entering? Well, the answer is: everyone. There are 91 five-man teams signed up: if there’s a strong 3rd Strike killer, it’s a safe bet they’ll be there.

Haven’t seen Cooperation Cup before? Want an idea of what you’re getting into? Here’s the 2016 stream, all 10 hours of it, right here:

Sources: Aymane Farissi; Gamenewton; Cooperation Cup

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