Justin Wong Takes On the Philippines’ JR Bata in These Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Sets

By on January 4, 2017 at 12:00 pm

While Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is known as “America’s Game” within the fighting game community, the US wasn’t the only country that developed a scene for it. The Philippines also developed a large MvC2 scene during the early 2000s, with many feeling that it could hang with the US. Sadly, sometime in the mid-2000s, arcade owners all agreed to switch the game to its lowest damage settings, a change which effectively meant that the Philippines was playing a different game altogether.

That said, the country’s love for the game has never faltered, and when Justin Wong visited the country again over New Years, an exhibition match was set up between him and the layer widely accepted to be the best MvC2 player in the Philippines: JR Bata.

To make the exhibition more interesting though, it was decided to play two first-to-seven sets, one with the standard settings for the game, and another running “Philippine settings” with lowest damage. This way, both players would have one set with settings that they weren’t familiar with. ┬áThe result of this are a couple of nail-bitingly close sets that you can catch below.

Source: PlayBook

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