Become a Frame Data Master with This Killer Instinct Primer from FinchoMatic

By on December 30, 2016 at 11:00 am

One thing that trips a lot of novice players on their first steps into the world of fighting games is understanding frame data. When you hear phrases like “hit advantage,” “safe on block,” and “active frames” on top of seeing frame data charts, you can feel like you are being blinded with science as you are just getting to grips with the basics of play.

To help demystify frame data, especially for Killer Instinct players, FinchoMatic has created a handy guide which breaks down how to read and utilize frame data when learning a fighting game. Using KI’s extensive Training Mode, FinchoMatic goes through what startup, active and recovery frames are, how to determine what moves are safe or unsafe on block, as well as briefly describing what a frame trap and what counts as a punish. In Killer Instinct, there is even a special “Punishment” pop-up which tells the attacking player that they have been successful in punishing an opponent while they are recovering from an unsafe move.

This primer is fantastic for those just learning a fighting game, or even for veterans who need a bit of a refresher on some of the more technical jargon you’d read when trying to improve your game. FinchoMatic even includes a list of every character’s frame data in Killer Instinct, to help players memorize what is and isn’t safe on block.

Source: FinchoMatic

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