NetherRealm Studios Finally Shows Off More Footage of Injustice 2, via IGN First

By on December 24, 2016 at 9:00 am

After almost four months of radio silence from NetherRealm Studios, the developers of Mortal Kombat are finally back to show off some footage of Injustice 2. Shown via IGN’s First initiative, they have chosen to break down Supergirl’s move set, displaying her specials, some of her combos as well as her unique combat trait.

As well as hearing the familiar voice of NetherRealm community specialist Tyler Lansdown, diligent watchers will notice that Supergirl has been to the clinic for some facial reconstruction surgery. With many complaining about the female character models in NetherRealm games, it’s promising to see that the studio has gone back to the drawing board to quiet fan concerns.

With Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite also scheduled for 2017, it’s going to be a the fierce year between comic book fighters.

Source: IGN

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