Pokkén Tournament to Appear at Japanese Tournaments Tokaigi 2017, KVOxTSB 2017

By on December 22, 2016 at 5:00 pm

Over the past several months, The Pokémon Company has been (very, very slowly) revealing and releasing new characters and balance updates to Pokkén Tournament’s arcade cabinets. There’s been plenty of advertisements, but no announcements for console updates, or even a Switch release. For everyone outside of the Japanese arcade market, TPC’s end goal may seem a little mysterious. The sudden announcement of the game at two large and popular japanese events, however, may be part of a larger plan for the game in 2017.

Coming via Pokkén’s Official Twitter, the unique point-of-view shifting fighter will be appearing at the multi-genre tournament Tokaigi 2017. Considering Tokaigi has run everything from tournaments for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike to Super Mario Speed Runs, Pokkén likely feels right at home. This also isn’t the first time Pokkén has been at Tokaigi, though it is the game’s first appearance post console release. The tournament will be in a 2v2 team format, with limited signup. This tournament will take place on February 12th, 2017.

For those looking for a more standard format of Japanese Pokkén, KVOxTSB 2017 will be running a singles tournament for Pokkén. KVO of Japan and Team St1ckBuG’s game selection this year leans heavily towards the anime and airdasher side of fighting games, making Pokkén an unusually slower paced choice for the tournament. We’ll see on May 4th if this’ll help Pokkén stand out from the crowd! Of particular note for fans of japan’s Pokkén scene is that the tournament organizer will be none other then the Gengar legend himself, Sasahune.

Thanks to JiMing for the tip, and translations in their article at smashboards!

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