Guile’s V-Trigger Sonic Boom Loops May Still Be in Street Fighter V’s Second Season

By on December 20, 2016 at 10:00 am

One of the things that Guile players are worried about in Street Fighter V’s second season: the possible closure of his V-Trigger Sonic Boom loop. The official patch notes indicate that the loop was possibly removed, by giving his standing fierce punch and crouching strong punch more pushback. However, it seems that the loop may still be possible, based on this clip from B. Shazz.

As demonstrated in the tweet below, using the beta test of the game on PC, B. Shazz has found that a variation of the loop still works. The main difference is that he substitutes a crouching strong punch with 2 chained crouching jabs instead. Doing so allows Guile to remain close enough for the rest of the loop to still connect.

Now whether or not this is still applicable once Season 2 actually goes live, however, is still to be confirmed.

Source: B. Shazz

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