Big Potential Damage Changes are Coming in Killer Instinct Patch 3.6, and Iron Galaxy Confirms Kilgore as a New Fighter

By on December 19, 2016 at 3:00 pm

It seems tomorrow is the big day for fighting game patches, as Iron Galaxy is also releasing a big balance patch for Killer Instinct on December 20th. The main focus for KI Patch 3.6 is to respond to the recent balance survey about potential damage, which asked players if the damage regained from successfully combo breaking should be tweaked.

Seeing as guess breaking is so powerful in KI Season 3, this potential damage change should still ensure players land damage on their opponent, no matter how many times they guess break. You now gain only 50% of your potential damage when you successfully combo break and you start regenerating that left over grey health after three seconds, rather than one second. As well as encouraging people to try for longer combos, this change also cut down the amount of post-combo breaker scrambles that tend to happen, as there is less reward for continuously hitting that breaker.

This change is also to nerf ARIA, who Iron Galaxy thinks is the best character in Season 3 right now. As you are now still racking up damage on your bodies even after successful combo breaks, ARIA players are now forced to switch between different bodies to keep all their combat options open. This stops ARIA mains from simply staying in the same body, rather than switching to preserve the health of an important but damaged body.

This patch does hit quite a few characters with the nerf bat, with Fulgore receiving heavy changes to his meter gain while in Instinct, Spinal’s meter gain off Searing Skull getting reduced by 25% and Arbiter’s Overhead and Lunging Slash becoming less safe on block, among other things.

Iron Galaxy has also confirmed the existence of Kilgore, with this robot coming to Killer Instinct in January. This early Ultratech prototype has two miniguns for arms and can jet around the stage with some rocket boosters in his feet. While he is not yet playable, there is a chance to fight against Kilgore in Shadow Lords mode by reaching a certain point. Some say that by reaching the Forgotten Laboratory with ARIA, you can battle up to 3 Kilgore units for a sneak peek of his eventual kit.

Read all of the patch notes, check out the patch rundown below and prepare for more KI content, including new fighters in 2017.

Source: Ultra-Combo; thanks to Arnold for the Shadow Lords tip.

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