The Jump-In Podcast is Joined by Femi “F-Word” Adeboye to Talk Capcom Cup and Street Fighter V Season Two

By on December 18, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Ahead of Season Two’s launch next Friday and with people already playing it via a significant cock-up on Capcom’s part, the Jump-In podcast has assembled to ruminate over the recent past and bright future ahead for Street Fighter V.

Joining Kim1234 and Logan Sama for this installment of the podcast is Logan’s erstwhile commentating partner and Ibuki player Femi “F-Word” Adeboye to talk about the Capcom Cup, their experiences as commentators and the changes coming to Season Two.

The group talk about Ken and Ibuki’s Season Two changes, before speculating about the rise of Laura in Season Two and questioning whether this set of balances will spell an invigoration of SFV, or whether it will drive more people away. Pour yourself a drink, sit back and listen to the whole podcast as there is some great chat about the future of Street Fighter V in here.

Source: The Jump-In Podcast

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