SSFC2016 Wraps Up Its Tournament Season with Virtua Fighter 5 and World Heroes 2 Tournaments

By on December 17, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Hold onto someone you love, dear friends. Super Street Fighter Carnival 2016 has ended.

If you’ve been following along, then you are aware SSFC2016 is Mikado Arcade’s 2 month long journey through the wildest arcade games imaginable. SSFC2016 started the season off with King of Fighters 95′ and Samurai Showdown 3 tournaments, and now we’re wrapping up this gauntlet with Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and World Heroes 2.

VF5FS is the latest installment of the Virtua Fighter series. While it’s true VF has receded a bit into the background of modern tournaments, there’s no question that the skill of these players is as sharp and fresh as ever. Considering we were just watching the high damage, uneven terrain, ring out heavy Virtua Fighter 3 recently, it’s pretty interesting to see how far the series has come.

World Heroes 2 is the 1993 2D fighter from ADK and SNK. This odd little Street Fighter clone is a surprisingly pure choice for finishing out fighting games at SSFC2016, but it’s a treat all the same. Just old school, classic footsies employed by fantastic players. It would be a few years before the series beefed up the speed with World Heroes Perfect. Though they didn’t play it at SSFC this year, it is worth noting that Mikado certainly knows how to play that game, too.

I highly recommend you subscribe to Mikado’s official YouTube channel. Though SSFC2016 may be over, they run great events for lots of games all the time!

Source: Mikado

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