Rising Up: Laura Character Tutorial — Optimal Combos, Setups, & Frame Traps

By on December 13, 2016 at 9:00 am

Here’s the latest Rising Up full-character tutorial hosted on ShoryukenTube: Laura Matsuda. This video contains all of her bread and butter punishes and confirms, counter-hit setups and damage optimization, fireball answers, frame traps listed by delay, meaty pressure, setups, and more. If you want to learn Laura, everything you need to know should be right here.

My own Street Fighter V bread and butter combo videos are by far my most popular YouTube videos. However, the vast majority of them were made during the third SFV public beta test. While almost no serious balance changes were made between that beta and release, certain damage values were incorrect and the players have had a lot of time to develop. The initial videos were made based on my own training mode findings and nothing else, and were fully featured around combos. I asked around, and have decided to flesh them into full character guides, now including a basic game plan I’ve summarized from watching a lot of pro matches. This is the full scope of my observations on Laura. As usual, I’ve included an enormous guide in the video description. This video is intended as a supplement to that guide, so make sure to check it out.

I’ll be aiming to launch a new character tutorial every Monday, until all 22 characters are covered. I intend to do the characters in order of most to least popular; next is R. Mika. Remember to subscribe to the Shoryuken channel, and keep an eye out for future videos!

UPDATE (June 8, 2017): below is the updated video, adjusted to match the current version of Street Fighter V Season 2.