CFN Portal Talks Street Fighter III Characters, How Yun and Yang Were Meant to Be Popular, Sean As a Handicap Pick

By on December 7, 2016 at 11:30 am

The Japanese CFN Portal recently put out an interesting new column. This column focuses on the designs of the newcomers added to the Street Fighter III series.

In the column, producer Tomoshi Sadamoto gives us some insights into why the characters ended up like they did. For example, boss character Gill’s color palette was chosen because they wanted a him to sport the primary colors: red and blue as represented by the halves of his body, and yellow represented by his blonde hair.

Meanwhile, it should come as no surprise that the twins, Yun and Yang, were designed to be popular with their flashy kung-fu move sets. As for Dudley, he was designed as a British boxer due to the concept of boxing as a “gentleman’s sport,” especially in Britain–or so the developers thought.

The most interesting entry, however, is that for Sean. According to Sadamoto, Sean was meant to be a character who good players could use to handicap themselves when fighting against friends who might not be as good as them. This could explain why Sean received the changes that he did in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. While both Sean and Ibuki were top tier in Street Fighter III: Second Impact, Sean’s changes were more drastic, including sweeping changes to his moveset.

For those interested in reading more about these, you can head on over to the Japanese CFN Portal. Take note that the column is in Japanese.

Source: CFN Portal

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