Apparent Marvel vs. Capcom 4 In-Game Screenshot Confirmed Fake

By on December 2, 2016 at 8:00 am

The rumor mill leading up to the PlayStation Experience this weekend isn’t stopping when it comes to Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom 4: a new image appeared on 4chan boards and was posted on a NeoGAF thread, appearing at first glance to be a screenshot from the game.


Aligning with the previous rumors on Marvel vs. Capcom 4, the shot has two characters per team; Ant-Man and Gwenpool are facing off against Street Fighter V’s Rashid and Resident Evil’s Ada Wong. While it’s clear that the image looks a little dubious, this Twitter conversation reveals the source of the Ant-Man model, which is lifted from Marvel: Contest of Champions.

Marvel: Contest of Champions is a mobile game that included Ant-Man in an update.


Recently, the early-circulating logo images of Marvel vs. Capcom 4 also turned out to be fake. Maybe it’s time for fans to just make their own Marvel vs. Capcom 4–they seem to have started already. Stay tuned to SRK as the PlayStation Experience unfolds.

Sources: NeoGAF; @_DNOD_

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