Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike’s Cooperation Cup Volume 15 Will Be Streamed in English

By on November 29, 2016 at 8:00 pm

Due to overwhelming demand from fans who love to watch top level 3rd Strike, 2017’s Cooperation Cup will be streamed with English and Japanese commentary, thanks to Twitch Japan. For those who maybe aren’t as familiar with the tournament series, Cooperation Cup is a legendary Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament which has been running since 2002, where teams of up to five players duel it out in an intense one-day event.

As well as the main event, the warm-up Pre-Cooperation Cup will also feature English commentary, giving English speaking players some prime time viewing in early January. Cooperation Cup is set to run on January 8th 2017 at Tokyo Leisure Land Palette Town in Koto, and it will be streamed on the Gamenewton Twitch channel.

Source: matsuda4951 via FightingGameESL

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