New Pokkén Tournament Instant Guard Cancel Tech Shortens Block Stun

By on November 28, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Buried in Pokkén Tournament is something akin to the instant blocking mechanic normally seen in games like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear–and it wasn’t discovered until about three weeks ago, by Japanese player Uho.

It’s easy to miss what’s happening in the above video if you aren’t looking for it. In the first example, Pikachu blocks R.Pika’s Counter Attack and grabs. Nothing special. The second clip is exactly the same situation, but Pikachu’s grab punishes the CA, causing a critical hit. The reason for this? Pikachu’s block in the 2nd example wasn’t just an ordinary block–it was a block coming from a canceled homing attack. These very specific blocks, intentional or otherwise, shave off a hefty amount of block stun.

And it works for every homing attack in the game, it seems.

It’s not just homing attacks, either. It’s anything that cancels into shield–for example, Machamp’s command grab. This potentially means Machamp can flat out ignore frame traps (in both phases!) from reactable counter-piercing moves, like Charizard and Shadow Mewtwo’s divekicks.

I confirmed with Thulius that the window for this frame-shaving property does not last as long as you hold the shield.

No one has sat down to find out the exact number of frames the instant block window is yet, but given the excellent documentation on the frame data in Pokkén thus far, I imagine that won’t be a mystery for much longer. This is assuming, of course, the window is the same for every character!

Sources: Uho; Thulius; Ourobouro

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