Street Fighter V, Catherine, Rivals of Aether and Towerfall Are Now Part of the Genesis 4 Lineup

By on November 16, 2016 at 5:45 pm

Expanding the pool of games past just the Smash series, the Genesis 4 team has just released a brand new trailer, announcing four more games that will feature on 2017’s lineup. Street Fighter V acts as the first traditional fighting game to have an official presence at the Smash-centric tournament series, while indie fighter Rivals of Aether makes perfect sense to be at Genesis, seeing as the RCS has its grand finale at the event.

Catherine, everyone’s favorite competitive puzzle fighter, has quite the following among Smashers and traditional fighting game players, while Towerfall Ascension has high-level movement tech like hyper dashing and jump cancelled dodges which are similar to techniques seen in Melee and Project M. The tournament organizers just need to add Windjammers and Lethal League to the lineup and it would be perfect. I will certainly be giving competitive Towerfall a go, so give one of the extra games a chance if you have the budget for it.

Sign ups are now open on for these additional games, with the main registration period for Genesis 4 closing on the 28th of November. Seats for Sunday finals are disappearing fast, with all orchestra seats already sold out. Genesis 4 is on at the San Jose Convention Center from January 20th to 22nd.

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