Rising Up, Part Two: Street Fighter V’s Basic Combo Mechanics, feat. Bafael

By on November 14, 2016 at 9:00 am

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Rising Up. As you may recall, I’ve partnered with Shoryuken.com to create an instructional series on YouTube, focusing on getting new players into Street Fighter V. Continuing from Part 1, we’re going to be defining combos and discussing both the mechanics associated with combos and the resources players can use to find and learn combos. In this video I cover links, cancels, juggles, punishing, and hit confirming, as well as your game and online resources.

I imagine I’m preaching to the choir here, as most of you probably either already have a good grasp on how combos work, but nevertheless I hope to reach out to at least some prospective new SFV players are reading this, whether they’re new to fighting games or just Street Fighter. More than that, I imagine many people would appreciate a video to simply link to, rather than to explain the mechanics personally, so I wanted this video to be that resource you could quickly and easily share. Let me reiterate that it is in the best interests of the FGC as a whole if we expand our userbase, and the easiest and most important way to do that is to create a hospitable environment for new players to quickly understand and learn. I try to do my part by making these videos, but I rely on you guys to share them.

I’d also like to personally thank Paul O’Shea for creating Frame Assistant Tool, FATonline, and for hosting and distributing my character notes. Remember to subscribe to the Shoryuken channel and keep an eye out for future updates!