The One Winged Angel, Sephiroth, Is Coming to Final Fantasy Dissidia Arcade Later in November

By on November 7, 2016 at 9:00 am

Teased early last week, Square Enix has announced that the villainous Sephiroth is coming to Final Fantasy Dissidia Arcade in an update to the game in late November. His character trailer shows Sephiroth dueling with Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud in the Shinra Power Plant, while the Meteor from the end of FFVII hurtles towards the planet.

Sephiroth’s moveset seems similar to his Dissidia 012 incarnation, with moves like Fervent Blow, Hell’s Gate and Scintilla present in the trailer. Some of his new moves in the trailer show him coating Masamune with a black aura before slicing at Cloud, leaving a skull over his head, as well as casting some sort of debuff on Cloud which surrounds him in a green aura. These debuffs could be key to using Sephiroth in Dissidia Arcade’s 3v3 mode, either to weaken certain opponents or to mark them for burst damage.

As mentioned, Sephiroth and the doomed Shinra Power Plant stage are coming to a new update to Dissidia Arcade in later November, so watch out for arcade footage of the One Winged Angel later this month. With Dissidia Arcade planning to come to PlayStation 4 in the near future, it could be a safe bet to assume that some sort of console announcement will be coming at the PlayStation Experience in December.

Source: Square Enix Channel

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