How Did Kusumondo “Escape” Mattsun’s Fireball at Canada Cup 2016? Silentscope Explains

By on November 4, 2016 at 7:00 pm
Ken Honda Super Turbo

One of the most exciting moments of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament at Canada Cup 2016 came during the grand finals. In the midst of one of the most heated games, Kusumondo’s E. Honda had jumped over Mattsun’s Ken fireball and tagged Mattsun with a jumping roundhouse. Mattsun then seemingly countered with a reversal fireball, which Kusumondo also seemingly swept under. This was entirely unexpected, as the fireball went through Honda’s face, which would presumably have a hurtbox. The entire room gasped, with Kenny “Unessential” Ng wondering if the 22-year-old game had tech that was just discovered at this very morning.

After the event, James Chen explained to me that it was Ken’s reversal super glitch, which prevents the super from coming out, and the last special that was used to happen instead. It was presumed that this caused the fireball to have no hitbox, which allowed it to travel through Honda no matter what Kusumondo did. However, it was also found that this in itself does not cause the hitbox on the fireball to disappear.

The sleuths in the American Super Turbo scene went to work, and Silentscope came up with an answer and was able to replicate the glitch. It ties into something that desk had already explained regarding fireballs in Street Fighter V as well as Super Turbo. It was already established that there was a fireball that Kusumondo had jumped over to attack Mattsun. What Silentscope found was that in an accidental frame perfect input, Mattsun had not only activated Ken’s super glitch, but did so on the very frame that the first fireball was leaving the screen, allowing for the second fireball to lose its hitbox. While it does mean that new anti-shoto tech has not been found for the sumo, the fact that this not only happened, but occurred on the biggest stage Super Turbo has seen in forever makes Mattsun’s accidental feat even more impressive.

Watch Silentscope’s full explanation of the glitch below.

Source: silentscope88

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