Learn to Master the Hadoken with the Help of Professor Daigo Umehara and the Research Institute of Ryu

By on October 27, 2016 at 1:00 pm

In a recent episode of BeasTV, Daigo Umehara was joined by Third Strike god Kuroda in the inaugural meeting of the Research Institute of Ryu, dedicated to teaching fighting game players how to master the wandering warrior and climb to the top of the Street Fighter V mountain. Now, unless you are fluent in Japanese, much of Professors Umehara and Kuroda words will have flown over your head–but thanks to the translation work of Toshio Gurupon, English speakers can learn from these two prominent Street Fighter technicians.

While this stream was mainly played for laughs, with both Daigo and Kuroda donning lab coats to explain the theory behind throwing the perfect fireball, there is some useful applicable information here; like how throwing certain Hadokens can shrink Ryu’s hurtbox to avoid attacks. Grab your note pad and make sure to put your hand up first if you want to pose a question to Professor Umehara.

Source: Toshio Gurupon

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